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 Are you making the best use of your cow’s biggest asset?

  “You Could Be Wasting Money On New Innovations And/Or Expensive Add-ons When What You Need Is Tidying Up Of Some Loose Ends!”     

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When you consider all the options available to you, you will be surprised to find out that, as a dairy and /or beef farmer, practically everything that can go wrong would have to go wrong before you can be unprofitable. 

This is Because Ruminant Animals Are Designed to be Profitable
Simply by optimizing the rumen condition you would have put in place more than 75% of all you have to do to make your herd profitable.

Here are some facts that you need to know:

1. Microbial end products supplies ruminants with majority of their energy and proteins. 
2. Microbial protein production alone can support up to 25 litres of milk production 
3. Nearly 80% of the ruminant animal’s energy needs come from volatile fatty acids resulting from carbohydrate fermentation. 
4. Microbial proteins contain approximately 62% crude protein, which is 80% true protein and 80% digestible.  

So, the cheapest way to make your dairy cows to produce milk and/or beef cattle to put on weight is to efficiently feed the rumen bugs so that you can grow more and more and more ….. bugs.

Feeds And Feeding Is Therefore The Biggest And Arguably The Most Important Determinant of Your Herd’s Profitability.

Cost of feeds is the single biggest variable cost on the farm. But, the high cost of purchased feed on its own is not what is making your herd unprofitable. What makes you unprofitable is the fact that you;

1.   May not be matching the feeds you have available to you for the target production and environmental condition? 

2.  May not be taking advantage of the characteristics of some feeds or the constituents in them to manoeuvre the fermentation end products to benefit your herd and improve performances (gain, milk yield, milk quality, fertility etc) 

3.   May not be feeding quality &

4.  May not be formulating their feed to allow DM intake to drive performance. 

All you have to do to start benefiting is call 07970876372 or e-mail your request to:

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We will be using cutting edge management strategies to help you:

1. Develop new initiatives

2. Manage new and existing challenges

3. Provide you with access to different skills

4. Provide you with cutting edge general management support that will help to:
reduce input costs, improve cow fertility, milk yield/quality, weight gain/quality (beef and sheep) and reduce cell counts/ mastitis, lameness, metabolic disorders etc.

5. Introduce a suitable management regime for your own farm condition.

6. Provide you with a monthly performance monitor and comments

7. Keep you abreast of evolving technologies.

etc, etc.


Not only would the services that you get be provided with integrity, it will be provided with promise to deliver results even in the most demanding situations.

And, because the services provided are not commission driven, you will have more choice on the decisions about what feeds to buy to complement your conserved forages, when to feed them and how to feed them. In essence, you are not going to be putting all your eggs in one basket any longer.

There is absolutely no way that you can lose if you contract the services of IRN.  Following the initial farm audit, we will outline how we are going to save you money and increase your bottom-line. And, will in addition  be presenting you with detail information of how you are going to achieve any set goals or targets, in line with your own management objectives.

Why not try our one off herd audit and see what we come up with, you really don't have anything to lose.

IRN’s initial audit is a comprehensive evaluation of herd performance and status. It will require at least one farm visit and analysis of silages for nutritive value and mineral, ration check, mix check, mineral status check, herd fertility status, a review of dry cow feeding, young stock management etc…….

Even if you have done similar audit recently, IRN's audit is guaranteed to provide some new information that will help you refocus your management objectives and improve your farm’s profitability.