Integrated  Ruminant Nutrition

IRN's Main Objective is to Support Dairy and Beef Farmers in Their Efforts to Make Their Farming Business More Profitable. 
IRN services are  provided through a variety of ad-hoc and retainer contract. 

Contract service provides an ongoing support on an annual retainer basis and it is ideal for budget control without having to consider payment every time you make contact or for farm consultancy. All the services outlined below will be provided under the contract service. 

Benefit of using IRN services
1. Access to different skills that can help you grow your business
2. Access to a specialised cutting edge, nutritional, fertility and general management advise that will meet your exact requirement.
3. Help with identification of problems or areas for improvement and utilisation of integrated approach to correct and/or improve the situation.
4. Keeping you abreast of evolving technologies.
5. Satisfying even the most demanding of expectations.

What you get from IRN
1. Superior range of unbiased cutting edge technical advice on all aspects of ruminant’s produciton, nutrition and fertility management.
2. Unlimited access to wealth of experience on silage additives, moist grain preservatives, bi-crops, self reliant animal feeding, antinutrients, rumen microbiology, minerals/vitamins, dry/ transition cow management (including CAB feeding), metabolic problems, mycotoxins, fertility, grazing management etc.
3. Formulation and/or modification of feeds for dairy cows, beef cattle and sheep.
4. Feed and forage nutritional and mineral analysis
5. Mineral check and formulation that is specific to farm.
6. Forage and concentrate assessment
7. Audit of herd’s fertility status and where required, expert cutting edge advise on how best to improve herd’s fertility.
8. A comprehensive feeding and production cost plan for farmers with beef cattle and sheep.
9. A complete farm plan and profit monitor for dairy farms
10. A second opinion on new and existing product range etc.

Other Services
1. Complete Herd Audit.
2. Grazing and summer/autumn feeding plan.
3. Young stock feed formulation.
4. Transition cows feeding (CAB feeding)
5. Transition cows feeding and feed formulation (other feeding methods).
6. Forage and concentrate assessment (including silage analysis and assessment).
7. New product screening and evaluation.
8. Assessment of antinutrients in feeds.
9. Calculation of infertility cost, fertility monitor and management.
10. Expert opinion on any ruminant feeding and management related issues.

For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page, or call +44 7970876372, or fax +44 2476 668277, or email